Genetic Testing Funded by Theresa Tracy Trot Donation

Illinois CancerCare Foundation supports genetic screening programs to identify hereditary cancers, and support studies that offer targeted therapies to patients whose tumors have “driver mutations” found through molecular sequencing. Thanks to generous contributors to the Illinois CancerCare Foundation, eligible patients can receive financial a.. Read more »


  Hello everyone!  This month we shall talk about some things call anti-oxidants. Oxidation is a process that adds oxygen to something else. So, when oxygen is added to hydrogen it produces something very common that is water or H2O. Similarly, when wood is burnt it is oxidized it is called burning. Our bodies are … Continue reading "A.. Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer Cells

As a cancer researcher, I work on trying to understand cancer and about how it spreads and invades normal tissues. So how do cancer cells spread and invade normal tissues? Cancer cells produce some things called proteases, which are molecules that digest proteins. These proteases are similar to meat tenderizers. Just like marinades tenderize poor &.. Read more »